Gut Reset Program

Gut Reset Nutritionist, Ashley

Combining a personalized approach to understanding your gut health with group support and education.

Are you...

  • Lost when it comes to what causes your digestive issues? 

  • Sick of eliminating foods but not knowing if it helps?

  • Trying different supplements? 

  • Reading tons about gut health and feeling more and more confused?

  • Still not confident that you’re addressing the root cause of your issues? 

  • Craving community support during your healing journey?

Get the clarity of GI-MAP testing combined with an education on gut health and personalized recommendations, in a group setting!

It’s time to be excited about food, not afraid of it.

Not to mention - the healthiest poops ever!

The Gut Reset Program is an 8-week program that includes GI-MAP testing, customized recommendations, and 8 weekly workshops on gut health. After Gut Rehab, you’ll know exactly what was causing your digestive issues, what foods and supplements will help heal your unique imbalances, and you’ll no longer feel lost.


At the end of these 8 weeks, you’ll understand gut health enough to talk to your friends and families about it so you can educate and impact the people around you.

What’s Included / How the Gut Reset Program Works

  • As soon as you sign up and complete your forms, we will send your GI-MAP kit along with instructions to collect your sample from the comfort of your own home.

  • Once your results are in, you will review your results and personalized protocol with Ashley during a 60-minute session. Recommendations include:

    • Dietary suggestions (what to eat, when to eat, what to avoid)

    • Supplement protocol with suggested herbs, nutrients, enzymes, and how long to take them

    • Additional recommendations to correct your unique imbalances

  • Access to wholesale pricing on supplements throughout the program.

  • The group will meet once per week for 8 weeks, covering a new topic each week. Topics include:

    • Week 1: Mindset & Goal Setting

    • Week 2: Functional Foods for Gut Health

    • Week 3: Removing Bacteria & Parasites

    • Week 4: Replacing Stomach Acid, Bile & Enzymes

    • Week 5: Repopulating the Gut Microbiome

    • Week 6: Repairing Intestinal Lining

    • Week 7: Rebalancing Lifestyle Habits

    • Week 8: Gut Reset Maintenance Plan

  • Between sessions, you have access to group conversations to ask questions and share successes.

  • Sessions are recorded if you cannot attend live or want to review information later on.

Cost: $1878 CAD

Payment plan available

Ashley by The Waterside

How long is the program?

Gut Reset Program is a 8-week program.

How often do we meet?

During the 8 weeks, our group will meet weekly. If you cannot attend live, recordings will be shared.

Are supplements included?

Any recommended supplements are an additional cost - we provide wholesale pricing to make this accessible.

Do I have to get a stool test?

The cost of stool testing is included in the program investment, as we believe this is the best wait to get clarity on your unique root cause.

Do we meet with you 1:1?

Each group member will meet with Ashley for a 60-minute session during the program for GI-MAP interpretation and a personalized health plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

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