One-on-One Nutrition Consultations


INitial Consultation ($187)

During your initial consultation we will discuss your current diet, lifestyle, health concerns and goals. Together we will create a strategy to help you reach your goals based around personalized nutrition and meal guidelines. You will receive all the resources and support you need to start your journey, including grocery lists, recipes and tips to help you along the way.

Follow-up Consultation ($87)

During follow-up consultations we will review your diet diary, goal progress and any challenges you have been facing. Your nutrition and meal plan will be updated and you will receive all the support to continue on your health journey with a renewed sense of purpose.

PERSONALIZED Wellness Program ($347)

This program focuses on 2 major habits: grocery shopping and meal prepping. This program includes an initial consultation where we will assess your unique needs to create a personalized wellness program. We will them meet for 2 follow-ups: one grocery shopping trip, one at-home cooking session.