Want to get HEALTHY AF without hating your life?

Want to start eating like a health food blogger but can't afford to live on $19 coconut yogurt and $15 cold-pressed juices? (Seriously, how does anyone afford that lifestyle for real?) Maybe you tried to DIY, and ended up making the grossest smoothie that's ever been created (grey-ish, tasted like a mouthful of grass, sound familiar?) or maybe you're just tired of eating the same 5 things every day. But time is money and you can't be wasting half your life in the kitchen either, right? Girl, I get you!

I get it because I spent literally years figuring out how to eat super healthy food (that actually tastes good) without spending a zillion hours cooking, AND while surviving in a city where the cost of living is INSANE. I earned diplomas in Holistic Nutrition, Nutritional Therapy, and Culinary Nutrition along the way so believe me when I say that I have this down to a science!

I created my Monthly Meal Plan Membership to make epic nutrition insanely accessible. No matter how busy, broke, or bored you are, you'll quickly see that it doesn't have to be pricey, complicated, or gross. Every month you'll get to try new recipes that push you out of your comfort zone without overwhelming you or costing a fortune. No more $25 salads from UberEats because you'll always have a plan. 

Here's what my members get access to:

Monthly Meal Plans
divided by week, every week is different

Fresh & Fun Recipes
made with regular grocery store food
Grocery Shopping Lists
so you're not forgetting the most important ingredient

My VIP FB Group
it's kind of like having a nutritionist in your pocket

BONUS: 10-Day "Get Your Shit Together" Detox
The detox is perfect for when your body is seriously over the booze, sugar, and bread you've been stuffing in it (no judgment, we all have those days/weeks/entire months). Results are fast because this plan is EXTRA anti-inflammatory so you can drop all the water-weight and bloat without crash-dieting and destroying your metabolism. No matter when you join you can always start with a detox and then hop into the monthly plan on any week. 

What's it cost? Just $36/month.
(Which is WAY LESS than what it will save you btw.)

You can cancel any time and if, for some reason you hate it (*broken heart emoji*), I'll happily refund you so you can find something that's a better fit!



I want to make sure you'll be 100% in love with the meal plans so feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns about if they'll work for you.


** The contact form below is to send me an email directly with questions or comments, it will not create an account! If you want to sign-up use the LOG IN/SIGN UP link above. **

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