Welcome to your monthly meal plan! 

These plans will help you stay organized, satisfied, and well-nourished (aka. healthy AF). The meal plans are released on the last FRIDAY of every month, so you'll have the weekend to shop and prep for the following month. Just click on the image to download! You will also have lifetime access to the 10-Day "Get Your Shit Together" Detox, which you can use for an epic health kick-start whenever you need it.

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We're loading up on antioxidants for april!

Spring has sprung, and it's time to support our cells as they naturally cleanse.

This month we are packing in teh antioxidants like never before! The meal plans are heavily plant-based for a cleansing month that will help our bodies recover from the long, cold winter. 

Brand faves:
Hummus: Hope, Sunflower Kitchen Organic, or SummerFresh Light
Protein Powder: Genuine Health Fermented Vegan or Vega Sport
Peanut Butter: Nuts to You Organic

Bread: Ezekiel, Silver Hills, or Little Northern Bakehouse (gluten-free) or you can make Grain-Free Flax Bread from the 10-Day Detox
Pasta: Chickapea, Banza, Tolerant, or any bean-based pasta. You can also use whole grain or gluten-free pasta.
Tofu: Sol Cuisine, WildWood, or any organic firm tofu.
Yogurt: Olympia Organic, Best BAA Sheep Yogurt, Riveria Goat Yogurt, or Silk Unsweetened Coconut Yogurt

Shiratake Noodles: Miracle Noodle or NuPasta.


BONUS: 10-Day "Get Your Shit Together" Detox

This 10-day detox is here for you, whenever you need to get your shit together. Do it once, do it twice, hell - do it 3 times if you're feeling like a badass. When you feel like your shit is "together" enough, you can jump into any week of the monthly meal plan. 
What you can expect: lose weight, lower inflammation, clear up skin, improve bowel movements, decrease bloat, become that person at the office who always has the coolest lunch (probably).