Holistic Nutrition for Gut Health

Digestive issues are more common than ever before, but many chronic health concerns can be traced back to gut health. Concerns can range from gas, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation, to skin issues, autoimmunity, fatigue, mental health, and beyond. This is because an unhealthy gut can affect not just nutrient absorption, but neurotransmitters, inflammation, and more. My approach to a healthy gut includes identifying the cause of concern, and implementing a customized nutrition and supplement protocol based on your unique needs.


Food Sensitivity testing

Uncovering "hidden" food sensitivities is helpful in structuring nutrition plans if you are suffering from digestive issues, mood disorders, fatigue, skin issues. Often the symptoms of hidden food sensitivities take hours or days to show up, making it hard to identify the cause using a traditional elimination diet.

Food sensitivity testing can be combined with testing for Leaky Gut and/or intestinal inflammation to provide a more complete picture of individual gut health. 


Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS) Testing

“Leaky Gut” is a condition that occurs when the gut lining becomes damaged (or "permeable'") and allows bacteria, food particles, and other matter to enter the blood stream. This can lead to autoimmunity, fatigue, brain fog, mood disorders, and more. 

New research has identified a key biomarker in uncovering Leaky Gut called Zonulin, which can indicate the severity of the problem and assist in developing a personalized nutritional program to restore gut health.


Gut Inflammation Testing

Inflammation of the intestine (“the gut”) can cause issues ranging from mild transient problems to chronic inflammatory diseases. Histamine, which is involved in allergic reactions and the inflammatory process, may cause a variety of adverse effects when imbalanced. These range from life-threatening allergic reactions to itching, runny nose or hives.

Testing histamine and Diamine Oxidase levels measures intestinal inflammation and can provide important information that food sensitivity testing alone may not reveal.