December 2017 Favourites (Protein Powder, Skin Care, Natural Oil Stain Remover, Etc.)

Oh hey 2018, I didn't think we'd be meeting each other so soon!

Now that the holidays are finally behind us (sorry, I know I'm a Grinch) I thought I would share a few of the things that got me through the last 30 days. Thinking about doing this every month so let me know if you're feeling it! Nothing is sponsored or paid, I'm just really into all these things and want to share them with you guys.  


1. Designs for Health PurePaleo Protein

All my clients and friends know that I am straight-up obsessed with this bone-broth based protein powder.

Here's why I love it:

  • Hypoallergenic: because it's not derived from dairy, pea, or egg whites, it's well tolerated by everyone I know who has tried it.
  • Delicious: unlike most plant-based proteins, this one isn't gritty at all. In fact, if you didn't know better you'd think it's whey because it's just that creamy.
  • Hair, skin, nail, and gut health: since it's derived from bone broth, this formula is actually 70% collagen. Because of that it brings all the benefits of collagen supplementation. In my case, this means epic nail growth and fewer food sensitivities thanks to the gut benefits.
  • Some like it hot: unlike a whey protein, which should never be heated, I like using this protein in hot recipes. I add it to my bulletproof coffees and matcha lattes to make them creamy and boost the protein. I also like stirring it into oatmeal.

2. St. Francis Hepato DR Tincture

This tincture is one of my favourite ways to support my liver and balance my hormones (always a work in progress, haha). Ladies, if you're not taking care of your liver you are not detoxing excess hormones.

Hepato DR contains some of my favourite herbs for liver support including dandelion, milk thistle, globe artichoke, and wild yam. I take it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and before dinner (if I remember). 

I also learned a ton about St. Francis Herb Farm recently through watching their Instagram stories. I think it's really amazing to see a family-run company growing their own herbs and making their own tinctures right here in Ontario! Especially since there are so many supplements on the market right now and it's hard to figure out where everything comes from. This is one of my favourite companies to support and I want them to be around for a long, long time!


3. The Ordinary Skincare

Okay, I am so not a beauty blogger but let me talk about this for just a second! I've been dealing with brutal cystic acne for most of my life, but it's gotten particularly bad in the last  few years since I stopped using hormonal birth control.

I've always been into really natural skincare, which to be honest hasn't gotten me anywhere. I've spent a ton of money on fancy oils, organic facials, and other products that didn't help at all. (Actually, in the case of 'oil cleansing' it made things sooooo much worse!)

Now, I know that good skin is dependent on a healthy gut (I'm sure my Celiac Disease isn't helping me) and healthy hormones, but I have recently seen just how much of an impact the right products can make as well! I discovered The Ordinary skincare line of recommendation from a friend and within literally days, my skin started transforming.

Here's what I'm using:

  • Niacinimide + Zinc (AM + PM)
  • 2% Salycilic Acid (AM)
  • 1% Retinol (PM)
  • Azalaic Acid Suspension (PM)

No, this line isn't all-natural or organic... but if you struggle with acne, you know that finding something that works is just worth it. For now, this is making a huge difference - I'll keep you posted and maybe share a full review.


4. Genuine Health Fermented Gut Superfoods

Throughout December I partnered with Genuine Health to help spread the word about their newest supplement, a prebiotic fibre and polyphenol supplement meant to promote amazing gut health. This post is not sponsored by them at all, I just want to share that I am genuinely loving this product, it's become a part of my daily routine.

Every day I mix 1 scoop of the Fermented Gut Superfoods (I usually use the orange ginger or berry flavour) with a tablespoon of Greens+ (also from Genuine Health) into 1L of water. This is the first thing that goes into my body each day because I'm not really a warm lemon water kinda girl. I also take a probiotic with this most days, and it makes me feel good to know that the probiotic colonies will have plenty of fuel to munch on when they land in my guts. 

Plus, one scoop of this stuff has 6g fibre which you know I'm kind of obsessed with.

5. Bob's Red Mill Psyllium Powder

Speaking of fibre (lol when am I not speaking of fibre?) I finally started using psyllium powder after having a bag that sat in my cupboard for ages and O-M-G! I am so hooked on this!

First, can I just say: BEST. POOPS. EVER! Wowowow.

I add 2 teaspoons (which is 8g fibre) to my smoothies and oatmeal. I even started baking with it in these muffins, and find it keeps me feeling so much fuller for so much longer. I feel like I'm basically always eating, so that's appreciated. 


6. WizeMonkey Coffee Leaf Tea

If you follow my IG stories, you know that I gave up coffee for the last 2 weeks of December. At the same time I also discovered this company which sells tea made from the leaf of the coffee plant. Coffee leaf has nothing to do with the berry, which are only harvested for about 3 months out of the year.

During the remaining 9 months, coffee farmers don't actually have an income. This company is changing that by producing a delicious tea made from coffee leaves which are always in season! How cool is that?

The tea itself is pretty low in caffeine, comparable to green tea. I also find that it tastes exactly like green tea, but without the bitterness. You also can't oversteep it! I like the mint flavour the most.

7. Thursday Plantation Eucalyptus Oil

I'm not really an essential oils person, but lately I've been getting into the koolaid. I went to an event with Thursday Plantation in December and took home a few bottles of their oils - among them was Eucalyptus. 

The real reason I'm obsessed with it is that this is legit a miracle product that can REMOVE OIL STAINS FROM CLOTHES! Even after they have gone through the dryer - seriously! I used it to fix a bunch of my favourite tops that had been retired to lounge status due to oil stains. One of the stains was a year old and it still came out with just a few drops of Eucalyptus oil and a re-wash. It's also super inexpensive, and has a bunch of other uses.

Let me know - should I do a monthly favourites round-up? Do you have any faves that I should check out? Leave me a comment, you know I love hearing from you!