10 Gift Ideas for a Healthier Holiday Season

The holidays are fast approaching and, to be honest, I'm kind of a grinch around this time of year. Shopping is one of my least favourite activities, and I hate giving gifts that don't have substantial meaning behind them. I usually end up throwing out boxes of chocolates, toffees, and other strange unappealing treats I would never choose for myself.

I warned you, I'm a grinch.

But this year I decided to put together a little gift guide to help make the season a little better for us all. There's something for everyone on this list that is bound to be used and genuinely appreciated. Plus, you'll be getting your loved ones through the holidays with (a little) less junk food and hideous ornaments.


CAST IRON ($40+)

When you give someone cast iron cookware, you are giving them a useful tool that will last forever. I received a 12-inch Cast Iron Skillet from Lodge as a gift last year and can honestly say it's the most used gift I've ever received! Even a small piece is bound to be greatly appreciated by anyone who loves to cook. Lodge is my favourite brand and the only one I have used personally so I linked to them, but I'm sure there are other great products out there too!



This is a gift that any of your healthy foodie friends will get stoked on! Four Sigmatic have turned medicinal mushrooms into to fun (and tasty) drink mixes. The kit comes with a box of each: Chaga Mushroom Elixir, Mushroom Coffee, and Mushroom Hot Cacao. If you're buying for multiple people, the boxes are also great stocking stuffers. 


For the person in your life who is spending WAY too much money on kombucha... we all know someone. Kombucha brewing is not only super simple and economical, but it's also really fun and empowering! And this is the gift that keeps giving since they'll surely have excess kombucha to share with you once they start fermenting their own. ;)


KEEP CUP ($35)

I am so, so obsessed with my 16oz glass and cork Keep Cup. This is the perfect gift for anyone in your life who is always on the go. It's great because it doesn't keep your drink un-drinkable-y hot for 12 hours like other to-go bugs I've tried. Plus, it's beautiful always gets tons of compliments from strangers (pretty cool for a coffee cup).



If you're looking for something extra special, consider giving the gift of pure water to someone you love! The water we drink is one of the biggest ways we can impact our overall health, and since replacement filters for the Berkey systems are so inexpensive, they're actually the most economical option when you consider the lifetime value of the filer.



If you're gifting to someone in Toronto, why not send them a delivery of super healing bone broth? My fave pick is the Beauty Broth from Ripe Nutrition because they offer delivery, and their broth s actually the best! (Plus they have a vegan option.)



Natural Calm is my favourite magnesium citrate supplement, and their assorted travel packs are the perfect $5 stocking stuffers. Each pack contains 5 different Natural Calm flavours, and are the perfect warming bedtime drink to help combat magnesium depletion which, let's face it, pretty much everyone struggles with. 



Know someone who constantly says they want to start meditating, but just never does? The great thing about Muse is it gives immediate auditory feedback on brain activity so there's no sitting and wondering "am I even doing this right?" 


23 AND ME ($220)

Give a gift that will benefit someone for their entire life with a genetic test that can evaluate carrier status for a variety of conditions (like Celiac and Alzheimer's) as well as offering a deeper look into ancestry. 23 and Me offers reports on health risks, lifestyle choices, and can connect distant family members who have taken the test as well. 



Want to give out some sweet treats this season, but without adding to the sugar coma most people remain in from November to January? Smart Sweets are a totally sugar-free gummy bear treat that kids and adults alike can enjoy. They're also prebiotic and insanely delicious. 

I hope you found this list helpful! If there's anything you think I should add, let me know in the comments. Happy gifting!